Mandingo Club is and has always been a place to have good times at weekends and public holidays in Berlin. It is the meeting point for friends, families, lovers and future partners from all nations!

Mandingo Club is the no.1 Negro Disco in Berlin with the hottest and latest Afro-Latino Hip Hop beats.

At Mandingo you can be sure of a conducive fun filled atmosphere – a Place for All, Peace and Love!

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Late Night Entertainment

Ideal for both after-dinner entertainment and late-night revelry.

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Host private events

With peace and love in the heart of Berlin.

Top-Notch Nightlife activity

A-listers, jet-setters, high rollers and nightlife aficionados.

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The magical moments

Electrifying vibes, extraordinary hang outs and late-night clubbing guaranteed


Upcoming Event.

Mandingo Club set to revolutionize Berlins night life with its mind-blowing events back to back, month in month out.

Luxury becomes a lifestyle

Mandingo Diskothek, located in Mehringdamm – southern Kreuzberg, is transforming Berlin’s elite nightlife with its impeccable design and finishing, complemented with stunning and first of its kind decor and lighting, world class customer service and hospitality, renowned DJ's and an over-the-roof sound system.

The following items are PROHIBITED in the Club:

Jogging trousers & Hoodies

Sport bags, backpacks, or shopping bags

External drinks

Walking sticks

Guitar or other similar instruments


NOTE: You need your tag (number) to collect your jacket. No tag (number), no jacket collection!

Thank you for your usual cooperation and patronage.

Mandingo Club Berlin.

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